Owls in Wonderland

This Sunday Laguna Blanca Lower School will be transformed into Wonderland. Each teacher will have a section of the school where he/she will be in charge of exciting, whimsical, and engaging learning activities. In the Kindergarten classroom, guests will enjoy an owl shape activity, a pattern block activity, and play dough.

The kindergarteners took on making 14 batches of play dough as give away prizes. When the visitors come to Kindergarten, not only will they be able to play with brightly colored play dough, but they will be able to take a baggie home! The process began with measuring the ingredients, a terrific way for students to learn about mass and volume.

playdough owls 2

playdough owls

Some students even gave up their Choice Time to help make the play dough.

After completing the batches, the next step was to roll the play dough into 200 balls and place a play dough ball in a Ziploc baggie.



The project will be complete with bright labels stapled to the top of each bag.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.  Thank you kindergarteners for all your help!


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