Reading Buddies

Last week, Ms. Cummings, our delightful third grade teacher, approached me about starting reading buddies with her class. I eagerly accepted, as this was the perfect opportunity to develop friendships across the grade levels. I envisioned it to be a time for students, both in third grade and kindergarten, to build confidence reading aloud. Finally, reading buddies would allow students an opportunity to practice storytelling.

We agreed to start the very next day. The first step was to put the students into compatible pairs where partners would support each other. Next, we decided what the students would read. I opted to have my kindergarteners read their Home Reading Book from the previous night so that they felt extra confident this first time.


Listen to how supportive this third grader is: (click on the word “buddies” below.)


After the kindergarteners finished reading their books, the third graders read a picture book aloud. I loved hearing their enthusiasm and seeing how far these students have come since they were with me in kindergarten. What a treat!  We will definitely continue to grow this program.


buddies 3