Not only is sewing a great way to develop fine motor skills in young children, but it is also a lost art. Each year I have done a few sewing projects with the kindergarteners, including hand sewing squash and using a sewing machine to make reusable snack bags. This year, when Mr. Surber arrived at Laguna, I mentioned the kindergarten sewing activities to him. He suggested I take a look at a book called Sewing School, written by a teacher, Amie Petronis Plumlyey, with whom he worked at his previous school. I immediately ordered the book and was delighted by its contents. Inspired by what I read, I made it my goal is to complete at least four more hand sewing projects this year.

Today during Friday Fun, we took the first step in making Stuffies, a fancy name for stuffed animals. Each student received a piece of muslin, cut about the size of a piece of paper. My parent helper and I taped the muslin down to the desks to be sure the muslin didn’t move as the students drew their stuffies.

stuffies 2

Students were encouraged to use fabric markers to draw an animal, real or fictional, of their choice.


After the students were done drawing, I cut around the shape and went over the markers with a hot iron.


Stuffie creations included a magical rainbow dog, a polka dot snake, an apple tree, a bat using echolocation to catch insects, two rainbows, a unicorn, and a heart.

Next week. students will add a piece of coordinating felt to the back of their stuffie and begin sewing. I can’t wait to see the finished products!