We started our unit on owls this week by making an Owl Family Glyph from constructions paper. It was fun to learn a little more about each of the students’ family. Here is a look at the instructions:


I love all the bright colors! Can you identify your child’s glyph?


I always like to find out what students know before I start a unit. Recording students’ answers on a chart make it easy for us to reference later in the unit. For our owl unit, I make a large owl upon which to place our prior knowledge. This prior knowledge includes: owls eat insects, sleep during the daytime, fly at night, and are nocturnal. I am excited to teach them so much more about owls, including their habitats, food source, and life cycle. As we progress through the unit, we will add new facts to our owl chart to showcase our learning. Here is what the owl chart looks like on Day 1:


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