Mummy Pizzas, Pumpkin Measuring, and MORE!

Friday has to be one of my favorite days of the week, simply because Friday means Friday Fun! Today wewere lucky to have TWO parent volunteers join us for a cooking and math activity. I love watching parents interact with the students in small groups,and I love watching the students respond to the different parents.

In the kitchen today, students made Mummy Pizzas, a healthy snack or meal! Take an English muffin and slice it in two. Put pizza sauce on each side. Then, pull apart a piece of string cheese, a healthy snack. Use the pieces of string cheese to cover the English muffin, leaving room for eyes. the middle. Cook for 10 minutes or so at 375 degrees. Be sure the pizzas are cool before serving.

mummy pizza

Students prepare their Mummy Pizzas.

mummy pizza2

The finished result! A yummy, healthy snack!

The second Friday Fun activity incorporated the pumpkins that we picked last week at Lane Farms. Students measured the circumference of their pumpkin, chose a word to describe the pumpkin skin, and even guessed what the pumpkin weighed.


pumpkin writing

This student wrote that the stem on her pumpkin is pokey.

Next week we will determine whether or not a pumpkin floats. Any guesses?

The final Friday Fun activity was a blending activity which the students did with me. Using polka dot paint stampers, students sounded out C-V-C words, like fit, bit, and sit. Each sound was isolated and when the student made the sound, they used the polka dot stamper to make a dot. Once they blended the sounds together, they made a dot on the word.


The concept of blending is often tricky, as students may change the order of the sounds or guess at the words. This activity encouraged the students to carefully look at and sound out each letter, which made each of them successful! It’s only October, and the students are all blending sounds! My Home Reading Program is in full swing, with nearly all students either participating or getting ready to participate in the coming weeks. Go Kindergarteners!