Time for Halloween!


We go together like peanut butter and jelly!

I love Halloween and dressing up. Being part of a school community makes the day even more fun! This year Miss Creel and I decided to dress as peanut butter and jelly. She is the best teaching assistant I have ever worked with, and I am lucky to have worked with her for the past five years. Nikki literally can read my mind and is quick to lend a hand wherever needed. She completes my sandwich!

The children arrived this morning full of energy and delight. I had Thursday Fun planned for them, knowing that concentrating for Literacy Workshop would be a lot to ask. The first activity was cooking fun in the kitchen. Can you guess what they made?


Just a little dirt in a cup!


Complete with worms, of course!

I usually try to have the students make recipes that are on the healthier side. But for Halloween, I made an exception. The good news is, most children ate the worms and left the chocolate pudding and Oreo cookies for the vermi-compost bin.

The second station consisted of treat bag decorating. The children will put their costumes on after lunch for a parade and carnival. These treat bags will be used for the children to collect their prizes from the carnival booths. The best part about the bags according to the children? Using smelly markers! One could hear a pin drop in the classroom when the bags were being decorated.


The third station incorporated our Service Learning Project. Check back tomorrow to learn more about this.

After Thursday Fun, we did some candy corn math. First, students used the Smart Board to record whether or not the liked candy corn.


This was my first time doing this activity, so I was surprised when two students said they had never tasted a piece of candy corn. I had to back up and let each student taste one small piece of candy corn. We then analyzed the graph, recording our data. Two people don’t like candy corn and eight people do. (Miss Creel and I were included in the survey.) Next, students worked together to come up with words that describe candy corn. Tomorrow, students will sort their cups of three types of candy corn. Not to worry, they won’t be eating a single piece!


After lunch, we put on our costumes and got ready to do the skeleton square dance and costume parade. (Click on the word Skeleton for a video of the dance.)


We the headed to the backyard for the carnival. One of my favorite booths this year was created by our kindergarten families….Pick the Nose!  It was so clever!


Batman picks the witch’s nose!

Kindergarten also had a photo board. Such a cute idea!


What a great day! Thanks, parents, for all your help with the carnival!