Jack-o-LANTERNS and Mummies!

Another exciting Friday Fun day in Kindergarten! Today we created an eco-friendly and practical craft activity, that also utilized the students’ fine motor skills. First, students drew a jack-o-lantern face on blue painters tape, using two-dimensional shapes. They then cut out these shapes and stuck them to a glass jar.


(I have been collecting jars for the last month, and the students were happy with their different shapes and sizes.) Next, the students painted the entire outside of the jar with orange acrylic paint.



Once the paint dries, we will take off the blue tape, and the plain glass will sparkle. Add a votive candle inside and you have an instant festive lantern! I’ll post the finished results next week.

In addition to the Jack-o-Lanterns, we also made Mummy Dogs.


Simply wrap a piece of pre-made bread around a hot dog, cook and use mustard to make two little glowing eyes. The past few years, it has become a Halloween tradition at my house to make these for dinner before we go trick-or-treating. Here’s the recipe in case you want to start a new tradition! If this recipe doesn’t strike your fancy, come back next week for Pizza Mummies!

hot dot mummies

Happy Friday!