Feels like Fall in Kindergarten

apple crisp

This week when I was coming up with a recipe for Friday Fun, I was inspired by the book The Apple Pie Tree, that the students listened to during Literacy Workstations. Since we have an abundance of apples on our apple trees at home, I thought the students would enjoy making apple cobbler. I sliced and peeled the apples and gathered the ingredients (brown sugar, nutmeg, flour, steel oats, and cinnamon). We were ready! The students’ job was to cut the apple slices into small pieces using pumpkin carving tools that I find to be much safer than even a butter knife.

crisp 3

After all the groups sliced the apples, the third group had a chance to measure and mix in the rest of the ingredients. Did the kitchen smell wonderful!


The last group measured and added the rest of the ingredients and then we waited.  After 30 long minutes, the students had a chance to enjoy the delicious apple cobbler.

crisp 2

In the other Friday Fun station, the students created fall leaves using liquid watercolor and diffusing paper.


The results are stunning!


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