Literacy Workstations

We began our Literacy Workstations this week! The students participated in eight different literacy activities (and one math activity) over a period of three days. On day one, the children enjoyed a rhyming activity, where they had to match pictures that rhymed and draw these images on a corresponding worksheet. (see picture below.)

lit centers

Students also began work on their Kindergarten Portfolio. They will work on this portfolio monthly and by June, you will be amazed at their progress.  This year I plan to add photos, in addition to students’ drawings.

 k portfolio

Another Literacy Workstation that the children enjoyed was the Listening Center. As they listen to a book on cd, students are exposed to new vocabulary. They practice following along in their own copy of the book and they identify words with which they are familiar. Students also work on comprehension

 lsitening center

Today is Friday, so that means Friday Fun Day! Students worked in the kitchen to make a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coconut tree, complete with the letters of the alphabet running up and down! Not only was this a healthy recipe to follow, but the children enjoyed eating it as well!

chicka 2 chicka

We included a math activity in our Friday Fun rotations! Since the children are learning about “Tricky Teens,” I decided to have them make a mobile filled with Tricky Teens. Students chose a teen number and then added the same number of beads to a string that hangs from the mobile. We ran out of time today and will definitely continue this counting activity next week.

teen beading

Next week, we will be in class full day, from 8:15-3:00. That means we’ll have time for P.E. every day! The students will also enjoy Choice Time, a time when they choose their activity and use their imaginations while interacting with their peers.