We are excited to be in our second week of school! The kindergarteners still attend school just until noon through the end of this week. They have the routines down, unpacking their backpacks when they first arrive and moving their apple with their name into a basket.

By now, the children have met all of the Specialist teachers! In Spanish, they are learning colors. It is so much fun to hear them repeating, “Rojo, rojo, rojo,” as another child searches the classroom for something red. Today we went to Library class. Mrs. Brace, our energetic librarian, read A Place Called Kindergarten. The children even got to check out a book to take home!

The children were eagerly anticipating music class The children learned how to hold a mallet in order to gently play the glockenspiels. I was delighted by the sounds when I entered the music room.


Here the students are playing the “Visitor” game, where the blindfolded child identifies the drum player just by hearing his/her voice.

Science class was exciting, as the children made their science notebooks.

A student gets started with the decorating.

A student gets started with the decorating.

These notebooks will chronicle what the children are learning and exploring during each class. They were thrilled to personalize the notebooks.

A students' finished masterpiece!

A students’ finished masterpiece!

There was lots of painting in art class, as the children began their Eric Carle caterpillars. The project began with the students painting pieces of white paper green and red. They will continue this project Friday.

We will have our second Technology class on Thursday. Last week the children practiced mouse skills and built a sily alien. They eagerly await Thursdays class when Ms. Remick promised another fun-filled lesson.

Finally, the children have had P.E. twice so far this year. Beginning next week, the children will enjoy “Rainbow Tag”, “Mr. Fox,” and “Capture the Flag” on a daily basis. P.E. with Mr. Robitaille is always a favorite time in the kindergarteners’ day.

Tomorrow we will start Literacy Workstations. Stay tuned for that important event!