Friday FUN!

Today we enjoyed another round of Friday Fun activities. My group focused on the sense of sight. Each student received a “camera” and was asked to take “pictures” of things they saw around the classroom. They then returned to my workstation and wrote and illustrated what they “captured”. The students had such a great time snapping pictures.


Miss Creel’s station explored the mathematical term, symmetry. In order to illustrate that our bodies are symmetrical, she took a piece of blue tape and used it to divide¬†each students’¬†bodies visually in half. Then, students created a symmetrical painting, by painting on just half a piece of paper and then folding it in half and pressing it together. The results were a masterpiece that was the same on both sides!

symmetry1 symmetry symmetry2

The final Friday Fun center was play dough. Students strengthened their fine motor skills by rolling out the play dough and then sharpened their reading skills by using letter stamps to spell Heart Words. Of course, the soft play dough made it irresistible to not play with, so of course there was some ball rolling and pizza making to accompany the activity.