Engineering in Kindergarten?


You bet! Not only does Laguna offer weekly Lego classes for students, but in the kindergarten classroom, students enjoy time building and exploring kits made by the company GoldieBlox. Here is the idea behind the toys:

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.38.03 AM

This morning students explored the Zip Line kit and the Dunk Tank kit.


Here, a group of students work to build the zipline action figure while others found a place to hang the actual zipline. Not only do these kits offer students a time to engineer, but it also fosters teamwork. Just look at this:

And who says GoldieBlox is just for girls?!  The boys in kindergarten love them as well.


This year we are lucky to have Sarah Pousho, a Laguna Blanca alum and employee of the GoldieBlox company, as our speaker at the Science Fair. I am excited to learn more about this company. To learn more about GoldieBlox, click on the link below.

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