Dinosaurs are Extinct

Yes, the dinosaurs have left the building. As of today, the dinosaur unit is officially over.

What a unit it was! From our field trips to art creations to research projects and recipes, the students learned all they ever wanted to know about dinosaurs.




We celebrated these magnificent creatures with a showing of our dinosaur presentations. Here are just two examples of these incredible presentations that the students created.


Of course, students enjoyed herbivore and carnivore-type food. When I went to the food table to clean up, look at one of my little paleontologists did….



So clever!

We will be exploring our oceans next…get ready for a big splash!



One thought on “Dinosaurs are Extinct

  1. How special for kids to be able to truly “dig” deep on the dinosaur world, and to make a vide too – imaginge doing that 30 years ago????

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