Friday Fun

The kindergarteners made more fairy tale magic today during Friday Fun! In the kitchen, they enjoyed making Rapunzel’s braid bread. This was a great activity for fine motor building, as the students had to roll three pieces of dough.


They also had to divide the dough into three equal parts and learn how to braid! (more fine motor!)

Students also worked on coloring and creating a 3D castle. This will be such a fun tool for them to use as a setting when they retell their fairy tales!

Finally, students engaged in a STEM kit where they constructed a solid chair that would hold one of the three bears.

One more Friday Fun to go before we live happily ever after….

Friday Fun

Friday Fun is BACK! Keeping in line with our dinosaur theme, students made a dinosaur snack, a dinosaur sun catcher, and played a dinosaur-themed game.

First, using 1/2 and apple, a stick of Colby-Jack cheese, and toothpicks, students created a Stegosaurus. This activity was great for developing fine motor skills as they cut the cheese into cubes and pinched the toothpicks to push into the apple. Healthy and educational!


Students also painted dinosaur sun catchers. I found these paint pens that the students gently squeeze to let the paint out. Turns out this was another great fine motor activity!

Look at all these beautiful and bright colors!

Students also played a dinosaur-themed game of Chutes and Ladders called Snakes and Ladders. We focused on working together in a fair way to decide who goes first, taking turns, and having a good attitude if you had to slide down the dinosaur bone. It worked out great!

This game will be available during Choice Time, and I anticipate it will be a sought-after activity.

Friday Fun

We did our first sewing activity today in Friday Fun! Using fabric with owls on it, students hand sewed small pillows. I was impressed with the students’ focus and patience, as each pillow took twenty minutes to sew!




The reward was stuffing the pillow with polyfill and then snuggling with it, of course! What a sense of accomplishment the students showed!


A BIG thank you to the moms and Ms. Horibe, who helped with this station.

In the kitchen, students were making Snowy Owls using mini rice cakes, cream cheese, pretzel rods, raisins, and two little jellybeans. Students got to listen to two informative stories on owls as they worked.

Look how cute these turned out!



First Friday Fun!

We had our first Friday Fun of the year!  Now the students want each day to have a special name!  (I came up with Magical Mondays…..and they wanted to know why Mondays are so magical….I said because we’re doing Reading Groups!)

Anyhow, Friday Fun was a huge success. The rotations included a play dough station, a craft activity, a cooking activity, and a listening center activity.

We made a brightly colored batch of turquoise play dough with which the students had a great time sculpting and creating.


Next, we put our crafting skills to work, and students decorated a picture frame. Parents, I know you will look forward to seeing these Thursday night at Parents’ Night.  (Think of them a little party favor!)


There were so many collage items from which to choose! This year I have purchased dozens of boxes of Glue Dots.  Have you heard of these? They are AMAZING!  No mess! Students simply peel off a glue dot, and stick it to the item that needs to be glued. No more white, sticky, gooey, messes. No drying time needed! If you like your workstation to be on the neat side, then Glue Dots are for you!! Thanks to first grade parent, Tracey I., for introducing them to me!! I LOVE them!


Student then listened to the book on cd, Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom! which is read aloud by Ray Charles. There were a lot of dance moves on display in the Book Nook!


The last activity was making a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coconut tree, using sliced apples for the palm fronds, grapes for the coconuts, and a graham cracker for the base of the tree. Students made the tree on a piece of paper, and wrote letters climbing up the tree.


We will enjoy Friday Fun on most Fridays during the school year. Parents are invited to sign up for a cooking or craft activity starting in October. I will have a sign up sheet available at Parents’ Night. Not only is Friday Fun fun, but it gives parents a special opportunity to connect with you child and his/her peers in a classroom setting.