Morning Exploring

The January Morning Exploring bins are ready for action! Nine fine motor activities that focus on high-frequency words, math skills, and reading skills…ready, set, go! I am loving the winter theme.

1. Snowball spelling: Students spell high-frequency words using snowballs. (ping pong balls and golf tees!)


2. Snowman sticker: Students use their thumb and index finger to peel and press stickers around the outline of a snowman. They then count up the number of stickers they used.


3. Melted snowman graph: Students dig snowman pieces (top hats, carrot noses, coal buttons, snowflakes) out of play dough. They sort the items into like piles and then count and graph their results.


4. Salt writing: Students use a silver icicle to write high-frequency words in salt.


5. Snowball counting: Students count the number of snowballs in each container and record the two digit number.



6.Ice dice roll: Students roll two dice and add them together. Using tongs, they place that number of ice cubes into their bucket. The student with the most ice cubes at the end of the game wins.


7. Catch a snowball: Students use tongs to choose a snowball. High-frequency words are written on some of the snowballs. They match those snowballs to the mitten.


8. CVC Spelling: Students look at the picture on the card. They hang the mittens with the letters to spell the CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) word. Students write the word below.


9. Build a high-frequency word: Students use icy blue gems to spell high-frequency words.

The students were very excited to explore the new activities. I love seeing their happy faces.


Morning Exploring

I was so excited to introduce my new Morning Exploring bins this morning. These bins focus on strengthening fine motor skills while building academic skills. There’s cutting with fancy scissors, making pokey pin pictures, linking letters together, sticker names, hole punching names, pop bead patterns, and more!

Students roll a die and add that number of frogs to the lily pads using tweezers.


Students use teeny stickers to outline the letters in their names.


Students assemble nuts and bolts!


ABC order with links! Students put the letters in ABC order, linking them with plastic links.


Students use fancy hole punches to demonstrate the number on the page in their number books.


Students use push pins to poke holes following an outline of a shape. Today they made a ssssssnake.

Students make patterns using pop beads.


Fancy scissor cutting….students cut paper using a variety of craft scissors.


The kindergarteners will rotate through these nine centers, completing all the activities. New activities will be added monthly! Who knew strengthening fine motor skills could be so fun?!