Halloween Spooktacular!

We had one of the best Halloween school days in recent history! I kept the morning schedule the same, but made the activities Halloween-themed! For reading centers, students enjoyed making play dough faces.


Another station was this fun Whooooo are you? writing activity.

We also estimated how many seeds we thought were inside our class pumpkin. Our guesses ranged from 50 to 150 seeds.

Students then counted the seeds! Many said they had never touched the pumpkin goop before!! Students were encouraged to count seeds into groups of ten, placing ten seeds into a small portion cup.

Would you believe that there were 680 seeds!!! We were all surprised that there were so many.

The students then recorded their information on the back page of their pumpkin books. They ran of room when recording the number of seeds!

We finished the day with a costume parade, a Skeleton Square Dance, and a small carnival in the backyard.

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