Morning Exploring

I was so excited to introduce my new Morning Exploring bins this morning. These bins focus on strengthening fine motor skills while building academic skills. There’s cutting with fancy scissors, making pokey pin pictures, linking letters together, sticker names, hole punching names, pop bead patterns, and more!

Students roll a die and add that number of frogs to the lily pads using tweezers.


Students use teeny stickers to outline the letters in their names.


Students assemble nuts and bolts!


ABC order with links! Students put the letters in ABC order, linking them with plastic links.


Students use fancy hole punches to demonstrate the number on the page in their number books.


Students use push pins to poke holes following an outline of a shape. Today they made a ssssssnake.

Students make patterns using pop beads.


Fancy scissor cutting….students cut paper using a variety of craft scissors.


The kindergarteners will rotate through these nine centers, completing all the activities. New activities will be added monthly! Who knew strengthening fine motor skills could be so fun?!