Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

We like to move in Kindergarten! One activity that I use often are scavenger hunts. I have adapted these scavenger hunts to include high frequency words, math concepts, and long vowel words. Today, students went on a Stegosaurus hunt, searching the room for twelve hidden Stegosauruses with a high frequency word on each. Armed with a clipboard and a pencil, the students’ job was to find a brightly colored Stegosaurus, read the high frequency word aloud, record the word on their recording sheet, and color the Stegosaurus to match.

I try to hide the words in tricky spots where they are camouflaged.

This was one of the more challenging spots today!

What I love most about this activity is connecting learning to movement. (I also love to find new, tricky places to hide the words!) The students look forward to these scavenger hunts and always cheer when I announce it as an activity. Go active learning!

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