More Recess Fun!

Lower School has many wonderful and varied activities for students to enjoy during their daily recesses. Besides the swings, climbing structure, and ball courts, students can build in the sandbox or climb on the climbing wall. Another activity is the chess set, where students can engage in a friendly game of life-size chess. If spending time with a book is more interesting, students can visit the library to read or color. Or, if cuddling up with an animal is ones cup of tea, one can head over to the chicken coop. You might recall we added the Magnawall earlier this year, an activity that encourages teamwork and engineering.

Well today, Mr. Surber called me into the library to show me the newest addition to our Lower School recesses…a life-size Connect Four set! He and Mrs. McDavid gave the set a try.

Four in a row!  We have a winner…. Mrs. McDavid! She initiated a friendly high five to her opponent, congratulating him on a game well played. What a great way to teach sportsmanship here at the Lower School. I am excited to see the students’ reactions to this new activity!