Stella’s Sleepover

Today marks a very special day in kindergarten. Stella the Stegosaurus will be going to one of the students’ houses for a weekend sleepover. You might recall that Stella arrived in an egg on Tuesday morning and hatched in kindergarten on Tuesday afternoon. Since then she has been spending time with my family. Here are some of the things we did while Stella was in our care:

Each Friday Stella will arrive at a kindergartners home with her overnight bag and sleepover supplies.

This includes a binder with journal sheets like the ones I used above. Students are invited to use as many journal pages to record their adventures as they wish. Stella and the binder should come back to school by Monday or Tuesday so that we can all learn about her weekend adventures and prepare her for the next sleepover. As you can see from my example, Stella just participates in regular, every day life….she does not need anything extra special to take place while she sleeps over. This activity is designed to help students write events in sequential order while using their best guess spelling.

I am excited to see the outcome of this activity!