Fire Safety


We had a visit from the Montecito firefighters. They parked their red engine in carline and the students sat along the curb in awe of their presence. After some initial introductions, Firefighter Rob talked about the importance of having a plan in case of a house fire and asked the students to review some important questions with their families:

-Is there a smoke detector in your house? Is there one in your bedroom?

-Where outside will you meet your family if there is a fire inside your house?

-What do you do if you see matches or a lighter?

Then he put on his firefighting gear and explained the importance of each item. Did you know that firefighters carry five types of gloves? Five?! He turned on his breathing apparatus so that the students could hear how different he sounds when he talks while wearing the mask. After all the gear was on, Firefighter Rob said he weighed at least fifty pounds more than before he donned the gear!

Students then had a chance to explore the engine. (Did you know that an engine has a water pump on it, while a fire truck does not?)



These buttons and valves are color coded to operate the different hoses and pumps.

In the middle of their presentation, the firefighters got an actual call! “Brush fire in Carpinteria.” The packed up quickly and left the school with their sirens blaring! Talk about excitement. After ten minutes, the engine returned….the call was able to be handled by the Carpinteria department! This gave us more time to explore the engine! What a memorable event.


Thank you firefighters! We loved your presentation!