Magnawall Part 2

After the kindergartners spent several class sessions exploring the Magnawall and it’s pieces, we came together and used a more critical eye to explore the parts that come with the wall. The parts include:

-4 magnetic ramps
– 2 non-magnetic ramps
– 25 balls
– 4 walls
– 5 rings
– 8 cups

I asked students to think about a part we need for the wall that we don’t currently have.  Students came up to the Smart Board and illustrated their ideas. Take a look:




Here is a student explaining her idea:

I saw the creative juices begin to flow. Students were encouraged to return to their tables and sketch their ideas of the missing Magnawall parts.




Next week, Mr. Moore’s Upper School Engineering class will pay us a visit. Their job will be to create “the missing piece” that each kindergartner has envisioned, making the kindergartners the clients! I am excited to see how the students’ ideas evolve over the next few weeks and what the final pieces produced look like.