In exploring the Swooper Citizens character trait of diligence this week, students listened to the most amazing story called Dex, the Heart of a Hero, by Caralyn Buehner.

“Little Dex has big dreams: he wants to be a superhero. So he reads all the comic books he can, builds his muscles, and even orders a hero costume. Once he has all the makings of a hero, Dex’s first mission is to save a tomcat in need of help. However, the cat is a classic bully who teases Dex about his size.

Will Dex learn that a hero is not defined by the strength of his muscles but by the trueness of his heart?

Husband and wife Caralyn and Mark Buehner tag-team to create a fun and modern superhero tale with a real comic book feel, akin to Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelly Becker and Ten Rules of Being a Superhero by Deb Pilutti.

Dexter has determination, spirit, and heart as he proves, above all, that no matter how little you are, you can still do very big things.” (Amazon)

Students recalled the different ways in which Dex used diligence to pursue his dream of being a superhero. We then set up an activity for students that helped them practice diligence.

Mrs. Vanetti shows students an origami bookmark.

Learn step by step how to make an origami bookmark. There was a lot of focusing, patience, and perseverance going on!

Look how cute these came out!

The students were thrilled with what their hard work and diligence accomplished!