Yay for the 50th day!

We turned back time on our 50th day of school! The kindergarteners enjoyed spending their day in the Shake Shack!

I also drove to school in a 1955 Chevy.

There were five different activities set up around the classroom and outside for the students to explore. But first, they had to check-in for the day.

They loved seeing their characters!

Next, on to the activities! First up is the Bubble Blowing Station! Students had to graph whether or not they could blow a bubble.

It was such fun watching the children chomping on their gum, trying to learn how to blow a bubble!

Another station was “Read a Record.” I made a 1950’s style jukebox and cut a hole near the top. Then I created 50 records with CVC words written on them. Students read the words on the records and put them in the jukebox!


There was also a photo booth with 1950’s themed props.


Dice Race was next. Who would roll the dice and get to 50 the fastest?

How about the paddle ball station? Students decorated a paddle ball and then learned how to play! It took such concentration.


Finally, the 50 Second activity was a blast. Students had 50 seconds to do each activity, from hula hooping to bunny hopping. They recorded how many of each activity they could do in 50 seconds.

We ended this fabulous day with banana splits!

Happy 50th Day!

We had our 50th day of school celebration the Friday before Thanksgiving break, and boy what a fun day it was! Students were encouraged to come to school dressed in clothes from the 1950’s.

We spent the morning learning comparing items like telephones, furniture, clothing, and cars from today to the 1950’s. It was fun to see the students’ reactions when they saw a computer from the 1950’s that took up an entire room and compared it to my iMac! Students also made 50 tally marks, counted to 50 by twos, fives, and tens, and more!

The day ended with a Sock Hop, where students danced, played Frisbee and paddle ball, hula hooped, and learned how to play jacks and pick up sticks.

Of course, no Sock Hop is complete without a banana split from the shake shop!

What a swell day!