Halloween Spooktacular!

It was all treats for this teacher on Halloween! What a magical day we had in kindergarten. For the first time ever, students were invited to wear their costumes to school all-day

We began the morning with a “Make a Monster” Kit.

It was so fun to see what each student created with these kits.

Next, we had Friday Fun. Students made bouncy balls and Halloween keychains.

Students even had a Halloween-themed pokey pin activity.

We played a fun spinner game in math where students spun a spinner and then had to make the number using a ten frame.

After PE, students added any finishing touches to their costumes, and we headed to the backyard for a socially distanced ‘Skeleton Square Dance.”

After dancing, students went “Trick or Treating” around the school. There were seven stations that we visited. Each station had a treat for students to enjoy at the end of the event.

We ended our Halloween Spooktacular with a picnic of sorts in the backyard.

It was  GREAT day!


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