Sensory Table

I introduced the sensory table to the kindergarteners today.

They couldn’t WAIT to get started! So why is it important for children to use a sensory table? Here are the top five reasons!

5. Sensory tables help children relax.  Objects in the table capture children’s attention and engage their minds. Students are presented with items like rice, beans, paper strips, or pompoms, that have a calming effect when they are manipulated.

4. Sensory tables help students develop socially and emotionally. They are playing together and engaging with each other in a positive way.

3. Sensory tables are another tool we can use to help young children strengthen their fine motor skills. Did you notice the tongs they were using to pick up the pompoms? The use of tongs turns the sorting activity into a fine motor building activity as well!

2. The sensory table builds cognative skills. Students interact with items by counting, sorting, organizing, matching, or labeling.

1. Sensory tables make learning FUN!!!

(Exploring the pompoms using their five senses!!)

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