Dinosaur Creative Writing

We have been working on creative writing this week during reading centers. I asked students to imagine they woke up and there was a dinosaur in their backyard.  What would they do? Here are some of their answers. I continue to be excited about the progress the students are making with their writing skills. Many students are writing using beginning and ending consonants with a vowel in the middle. They use their best guess spelling….and are not shy about taking a risk and spelling really challenging words! Take a look:

“I would close the window.”


“I would make it my friend. I would feed it plants.”


“I would scream and I would go tell my mom.  I would tell my dad.”


“If it was a carnivore, I would run away, and if it was a herbivore, I would keep it! As a pet!”


“I would run away. I am scared.”


“Well, if it was a T-Rex I would be scared. But it is a Sauroposeidon so I will make friends with it.”

What would you do?!