Happy 50th Day!

We had our 50th day of school celebration the Friday before Thanksgiving break, and boy what a fun day it was! Students were encouraged to come to school dressed in clothes from the 1950’s.

We spent the morning learning comparing items like telephones, furniture, clothing, and cars from today to the 1950’s. It was fun to see the students’ reactions when they saw a computer from the 1950’s that took up an entire room and compared it to my iMac! Students also made 50 tally marks, counted to 50 by twos, fives, and tens, and more!

The day ended with a Sock Hop, where students danced, played Frisbee and paddle ball, hula hooped, and learned how to play jacks and pick up sticks.

Of course, no Sock Hop is complete without a banana split from the shake shop!

What a swell day!