Fairy Tale Sensory Tub

When the magical month of May begins, so does our unit on fairy tales! A new unit means a new sensory tub. Once again the students participated in making the sensory tub filler. This time, we took a 50-pound bag of rice and had fun making magical fairy tale rice! Here’s how:

First, each student measured four cups of rice into a large Ziploc baggie.

The students added an orange scented essential oil….we have to make the rice smell amazing after all!

Next up was color! Students chose from turquoise, purple, or fuchsia liquid watercolor to add to the rice.

Then it was time to shake, shake shake!

Look at those bright colors!

Time to play!

Sensory Tub Revisited!

Last month, I shared the ocean sensory tub idea I introduced to the kindergartners. It was SUCH a success that I decided to make the sensory tub a permanent fixture in the kindergarten classroom. AND I decided to purchase a sensory TABLE instead of a sensory tub!


The first thing we had to do was fill it up! Since we are still in the middle of our ocean unit, I decided to add more water beads to the new table. This became a math lesson on capacity and measurement.

We measured the amount of beads.

Added the necessary water per teaspoon…

and then spent some time looking at the beads and turning them into different items in our brains….

When we opened the table a few hours later, the beads had grown and created this …..ironically…a fish!

Sensory table activities will no longer just be a part of Choice Time, as students will have the opportunity to use the sensory table during reading and math centers as well. Here is an example of an activity:

Students are fishing for ocean animals that have high frequency words on them for the students to read aloud!

I am excited about this recent addition to our classroom and already know what it will be filled with during the Fairy Tale Unit!