What time is it?

It’s time to learn how to tell time to the hour! We started by talking about the need for clocks and the different types of clocks. Students were introduced to the words analog and digital and shared places where one might find a clock: oven, phone, cable box, alarm clock, etc. Next, we looked at an analog clock, taking special notice of the numbers on the clock and the number and size of the hands. I mentioned that the short hand tells the hour and the longer hand is the minute hand and tells what minute it is. Using my Judy clock, I showed students that the number the short hand points to names the hour.

(You may be wondering what a Judy clock is……here’s a picture:)

I continued on to explain that when the long hand points to the 12, we say “o’clock.” We practiced looking at the digital time, say 4:00, and representing that on the Judy clock.

Next, we used our whole bodies to practice!

Students had so much fun using this giant clock!

We have been reinforcing telling time to the hour throughout the day. We even completed some fairy tale themed activities. For those students who are ready, I made some colorful clocks that show what time we have certain activities each day.

Next up…time to the half hour…..