Once Upon a Time…

there was a teacher who loved fairy tales and waited enthusiastically each year to begin this magical unit! This year there are some new additions to the unit…of course! First, you read about the fairy tale themed sensory bin in my last post….just wait and see all the fun activities in which the students will engage! Next, I created an interactive bulletin board that encourages story writing.

The words settings, characters, and events are actually pockets that hold pictures of places, characters, and events that will help students write fairy tales of their very own!

But before students can begin writing their fairy tales, they need to learn a little more about what exactly makes a fairy tale. Below are some the elements of a fairy tale:

Another new addition is several STEM activities, including a fun Princess and the Pea STEM activity that the students completed during Grandfriends’ Day. Look for a post on that activity soon!

Of course, students needed to create some fairy tale artwork! We have royal self-portraits and shape castles!

And they all lived happily ever after!