Beautiful Oops

Creativity is our Swooper Citizens theme for the month of March. We started the lesson with a quick brainstorm….imagine you are in art class and your friend walks by your table and spills paint on your artwork. What do you do? We heard so many thoughtful and kind ideas. “I would help my friend clean up the spill.” “I would ask the teacher for a new paper.” “I would make the spill into something else.” Bingo!

Watch this video clip with author Barney Saltzberg: (It won’t center itself on the page for some reason!)

Mr. Saltzberg wrote a wonderfully creative book called Beautiful Oops. Read it here:

We followed up the book with a Beautiful Oops project. Each student was given a piece of paper with an oops on it. Look what they created:

“footsteps in the grass”


“a dog and a tiger”

What beautiful oopses!