Friday Fun-Sense of Sight Edition


We had fun with our sense of sight this morning! Students created a rainbow in a bag. It was a perfect way to demonstrate our sense of sight with a sensory twist. The project started with this homemade fingerpaint-style goop.


Each student received a Ziploc baggie with a white piece of tag board inside.


Next we scooped a spoonful of each color into the baggie. I quickly zipped it shut and added a layer of packing tape to make extra sure that this “no mess” activity really was no mess!


Then the fun began. The squishing and moving of the paint was delightful!


The students noticed that the end result was the colors mixing, making a brownish/blackish color….something they had discovered in science class just yesterday!

Another activity for Friday Fun- Sense of Sight Edition was making a kaleidoscope. Students enjoyed looking through several different kaleidoscopes before making one of their own.


After Friday Fun, we moved into the Five Senses Notebook. Today’s activity was a sight game. I showed the students a tray that had an assortment of items. Their instructions were to use their sense of sight and look at the tray for a minute and then write or draw as many items in their notebook as they could remember.


Focusing on the tray….


An up close look for you…


A student remembers an item from the tray.

I called the students back to the carpet to show them the items on the tray. They gave me a thumbs up if they had remembered that item and recorded it in the notebook. Guess which item most students remembered…..guess which item no one saw…..


Here’s another look at the tray….

So, all of the students remembered to draw the bag of Goldfish and not one of them recorded the paper clip! I asked the students why this might have happened. One student said that the bag of Goldfish was more interesting to look at. Another noted that he was hungry….(as it was almost time for snack.) I asked why no one saw the paper clip. They all agreed it was because of the small size of the clip. What amazing little thinkers!