Science Discovery Day

It was a very special day at school on Tuesday…Science Discovery Day! There were at least fifteen visitors from the community who demonstrated the importance of science in their every day life.


There was the teddy bear surgery activity, where students had an opportunity to practice their veterinary skills and perform surgery on a stuffed animal.


Santa Barbara City College’s Earth Science Lab brought fossils and bone replicas for students to explore.


Students practiced being paleontologists and digging up fossils.


Sensational Pets brought a large menagerie of reptiles for students to view….and hold!


If that wasn’t interesting enough, Cottage Hospital Pathology had a variety of organs for students to learn about.

Add these activities to the Physics Fun, U.C.S.B. Touch Tanks, Sewer Bugs, Knot Tying, and Race the Radar (where I ran a speedy eleven miles an hour in heels….) and you have an amazing Science Discovery Event! Thank you to all those who helped to make this event such a big success.

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