Friday Fun Recap

Fridays have been filled with fun dinosaur activities! Last week students used muslin fabric and fabric markers to draw a dinosaur. Some students chose to draw the dinosaur that they are studying. This was the first step in creating a dinosaur stuffy. Look how cute these are!




So this week, students finished their stuffies, choosing a coordinating backing fabric, sewing it, and adding stuffing. Adorable!



The children have been busy in the kitchen. Last week they made dinosaur pizzas. You should be proud of how many of your children eat olives and green bell peppers!! This recipe is a fast and easy dinner idea. Even more fun is that it is from a book called, of course, Dinosaur Pizza. Students enjoyed cutting the veggies and sprinkling the cheese.



This week, students became paleontologists, digging up fossils. Armed with goggles and mini excavation tools, students were charged with digging out as many chocolate chips as possible from their cookie.



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