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Dino Fun


It’s time for Friday Fun! Today it was all about dinosaurs.  In the kitchen, students made Duffle the Dino bagel. Below are some pictures and the recipe in case you want to make this healthy snack at home for your child.  The recipe comes from a great no-cook cookbook called You Can Make a Dinosaur and Eat It Too by Margaret and Norman Westin. (We substituted cream cheese for peanut butter.)





Our other Friday Fun project was a two-part sewing project. Today the students drew a picture of a dinosaur on fabric with fabric markers. Next week, students will sew another piece of fabric and create a “stuffy.”



Can you tell which picture a girl drew and which picture a boy drew? We found it very interesting to see what the students created all on their own. Next week we will complete the second part of the project.



Meet the Teeth

Tuesday morning we went on an amazing field trip to the Natural History Museum where we had a chance to “Meet the Teeth.” Recently we have been learning about dinosaurs that were herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. In fact, in Technology class, students drew their dinosaur that they have chosen to study. We sorted their pictures using a Venn Diagram.


Armed with this background knowledge, we made the trek to the Natural History Museum, where students participated in a learning lab called, Meet the Teeth. Kristen, the instructor, described teeth in greater detail. She said that animals use molars for chewing and grinding, incisor’s for biting, and canines for tearing. Using this information, students were given animal skulls to explore and decide whether the animals were herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores.





We headed to the Main Hall after this activity, where students were tasked with matching the animals in exhibit to the skulls. The children really enjoyed this activity.



It was a great learning experience for all!





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Friday Fun

Today was the first Friday Fun with our new theme, Dinosaurs! In the kitchen, students listened to the book Dinosaur Pizza by Lee Wardlaw and made their own dinosaur pizzas!




Interested in making dino pizzas at home? Here’s the recipe!


 The crafting activity today involved plastic dinosaurs, glue, and glitter! What could be more fun?! I drilled a small eye hook into a small plastic toy dinosaur ahead of time.


During the centers, students painted glue onto the dinosaurs.


The next step was  to coat the dinosaur in glitter. (I had to convince a couple of boys that they would get a non-glitter dinosaur in a few weeks from a different dinosaur Friday Fun activity!)


Look at how fun they turned out!


I plan to string a ribbon through the eyehook to make a necklace. They will first decorate the classroom, before heading home!

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Creative Writing

Imagine you wake up one morning and look out your window, only to find a DINOSAUR in your backyard! What do you see? What would you do? Students had a fun time writing about what they would do if this ever happened to them. For this writing activity, we focused on using our best guess spelling, putting spaces between words, using a capital letter at the beginning of each sentence, and a period at the end of each sentence. You can see below just how much the students’ writing has progressed over 80 days we have been in school!






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Special Delivery!

During Reading Centers today, a very special, FRAGILE  package arrived. What could be inside? I slowly and carefully cut the package open and discovered….


an EGG!!!

We had to figure out what was inside the egg. First, we looked at the appearance of the egg. Students thought it looked round, like a snowball, and bumpy. We then made some inferences about what could be in the egg from that clue. Students guessed a chick, an owl, a dinosaur, a snake, and an emu.


Next, I gave the students three more clues:

1. It has a long tail.

2. It has sharp teeth.

3. It has sharp claws


They recorded these clues in their new Dinosaur Notebooks and made a guess as to what they thought was inside the egg.

During P.E., the egg HATCHED!!


The students’ reactions were priceless!

Here are some examples of student work:

dino5 dino6


I wanted to find out what knowledge students have of dinosaurs, so I spent the next fifteen minutes recording their prior knowledge, or schema. This is displayed on a chart. All schema is displayed, even if we come to learn that it is actually incorrect. Eventually we will move misconceptions to a different location on the chart. We will also record any new learning that occurs during the course of the unit. Some students know a ton about dinosaurs, while others are learning about these creatures for the very first time. There is so much to learn!! We’re off on our prehistoric adventure!


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Rock Wall!


At Tecolote Tuesday today, Mr. Surber, our Lower School Head, and Mr. Robitaille, our P.E. Instructor for the past 34 years, unveiled the Lower School’s newest piece of athletic equipment….a rock wall!! The wall is eight feet high and more than 20 feet long. It arrived in pieces before Winter Break and was installed on our Lower School campus last week.

During P.E. class, Mr. Robitaille taught the students how to tumble and fall safely. He showed the students how to climb across the wall. Then, the moment the students were waiting for….they each had a turn traversing the rock wall.

 rock wall 2

I asked the students to tell me something about the rock wall. Here are some of their unedited responses:

“I climbed all the way to the top!” says Carolina.

“It gives you physical exercise and strength,” says Soren.

“I like to climb in the shade because it’s twice as nice. When I’m 199, I want to do back flips off the wall,” says Olivia. (safety first :))

“The rock wall looks cool, and I think I can climb it all,” says Joshua.

“I was excited when I almost got to the top”, says Sadie.

“I want to use it because it has all the colors. It smells like fish,” says Hayes. (Apparently that’s what a BRAND NEW rock wall smells like!)

“I want to climb up the big wall and see over the other side,” says Neil.

“I am excited to climb because it is fun”, says Ava.

rock wal



Here’s to the excitement of rock climbing!


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