More with Three-Dimensional Shapes

We have been sorting, categorizing, and searching for three-dimensional shapes. Today students enjoyed a three-dimensional shape food sort because sorting with food is ALWAYS more fun!

Students were given a plate with a strawberry, mini marshmallow, cube of cantaloupe, string cheese, a piece of penne, blueberries, carrot, Colby jack cheese, Acini de pepe pasta, and mini chocolate chips. They had to sort these shapes under the three-dimensional shapes name on the sorting mat.


3D Shape Sort!

The students have been learning about three-dimensional shapes recently. We discussed the difference between the words two-dimensional (flat) and three-dimensional (pops out!), and students completed a cut and paste activity to demonstrate their knowledge of these shapes. Next, students were introduced to the names of the three-dimensional shapes. We did a sorting activity on the Smart Board.

I showed students some three-dimensional shapes made from foam. We talked about the number of faces and vertices each shape has. I then asked students to sort these shapes into coodinating bin.

This activity helped prepare students for a different shape sort that I had planned…

using the sensory table!!

I covered many three-dimensional shapes with the rice and asked the students to uncover the shapes and sort them into the coordinating bins. You should have seen the excitement in the students’ eyes and the smiles on their faces!

A student places a 3D shape in the coordinating bin.

This was a great way to reinforce students’ learning. Next, we will focus on learning the names of these tricky shapes.