Today students were introduced to the concept of estimation. We discussed how the word estimate means to take your best guess. This means….no counting!!! This also means that there is only a small chance that we will pick the correct answer. What a challenge!

To help illustrate the concept more clearly, I showed students this Sesame Stree video clip. I saw lots of smiles, even though they said they were too old to watch Sesame Street. (One boy even said, “My mom doesn’t let me watch this show anymore!”)

Next, I showed the students several jars with different amounts of candies and had them estimate how many they thought were in each using the vocabulary more or less.

To extend the students’ learning, I read the classic book, The Mitten by Jan Brett, aloud.

In this book, many animals squish into a handknit mitten until there is no more room. Finally, the bear sneezes and the animals go flying! I had the students then put their estimating skills to the test. Using bear counters, students had to estimate how many bears would fit into a small mitten and how many bears would fit into a large mitten. (Violet King)

I encouraged students to use markers when writing their estimates so that there was no temptation of erasing their answers later. 🙂

They were good sports!

We will continue to work on this very difficult concept as the year progresses.