Dinosaur Plant

The last two days we have been discussing the differences between dinosaurs that were herbivores and dinosaurs that were carnivores. Each had body characteristics that helps in identifying what type of food the dinosaur ate. Students have categorized their dino as either a herbivore or carnivore using these specific body features, like sharp teeth for carnivores or flat teeth for herbivores. To help students organize this information, we completed a Venn diagram.

As a bonus activity, students began growing a Dinosaur Plant. The Amazing Dinosaur Plant has existed since the time of the dinosaurs.  That’s more than 290 million years!

The Dinosaur Plants came in a kit with specific growing instructions. First, student were to unwrap the seemingly-dead ball of foliage and place it into a growing cup. Next they added water to the cup.

Then we sat back and let the dino plant grow…..

and grow…

Watch as the students first check in on their Dinosaur Plants:

According to the care instructions, the dinosaur plant prefers to dry out several times a year and can survive in a dry state for up to 50 years! We will continue to watch the plants grow here in the classroom for a bit, but soon they will come home for you to enjoy!

The Great Dinosaur Disaster!

Busted.  I got busted. I got caught.


The dinosaur hatched…

Notice anything?

The students sure did!

Think back to the post about the clues I gave for what would be in the egg…


Long tail, sharp teeth, sharp claws…

Well, what hatched was actually an HERBIVORE, so it technically doesn’t have sharp claws or sharp teeth…

I had to fess up….and (ironically) show some integrity.  I told the students that teachers sometimes tell a stories to get their students excited about an upcoming unit….like actors who portray a role in a movie. I admitted that I had ordered the egg from a toy store….and the package didn’t say what type of dinosaur would actually hatch….I had just assumed it would be a T-Rex or a different carnivore….sigh.

We had a good laugh and all is forgiven. 🙂  I’ll chalk this up to a teachable moment…

A plea to toy makers…..please label the eggs!!