100th Days Smarter!

It’s hard to believe we have been in school for 100 days already! That’s 100 days of friendship! We created a lovely coloring book where each student wrote an adjective to describe each student in the class. Look how cute these turned out!

With 100 days of learning achieved, we of course had to celebrate this milestone! So, I set up six 100-themed centers!

Students stacked 100 cups.

Using stickers, students made a crown, placing ten stickers on ten strips of paper.

I LOVE how these turn out every year!

We love beading in kindergarten! At this station, students used ten different colored beads to make ten groups of ten for a fancy necklace.

The 100th Day is a perfect time to play with the 100 chart. I copied these on cardstock, laminated them, and then cut them up like a puzzle. This station was easy to differentiate, as I could make it more challenging by cutting the grid into more pieces!

Students worked to write 100 rhyming words….nonsense words are allowed!

Finally, students used 10 different colored polka-dotters to fill up a gumball machine with 100 gumballs!

Our school tradition is to have each student EK-4 bring in a collection of 100 items. Take a tour of the collections the kindergarteners brought in:

Here’s to 100 more! (Just kidding….we have about 65 days of school remaining!)

Happy 100th Day!

Morning car line was quite exciting today as the kindergartners entered school dressed as they might look when they are 100 years old.

We made 100 Day hats and did some fun writing activities about the number 100.

Next we made trail mix using 100 pieces of food. Students counted by tens to 100 and represented the number 100 with tally marks. Then the enjoyed their trail mix.


We set up our collections of 100 items on our desks and were ready for the 100 Day Parade!

100 Lego bricks

100 Barbie shoes

100 jewels

100 buttons

Below are some fun collections we saw in other classrooms:


We ended the day with a 100 cupcakes celebration!


Here’s to many more special days of learning ahead!