Amusement Park Creations

The kindergartners were invited to view an incredible project that the Laguna Blanca eighth graders have been working on in their physics class. Here is the descriptor of the project:

The project deals with the energy transformations associated with amusement park rides but with a Resistance twist. Each group will be assigned a plot of land that they will be responsible for developing in your resistance movie/book/show theme. Rides must utilize and assign energy transformation and demonstrate the law of conservation of energy.

We were divided into groups and partnered with a fifth grader. Mr. Moore, Middle School Physics Instructor,  explained the activity to the students and encouraged us to look for the following things:

– ride functionality, basically how it works
– ride theming (each ride is themed to a type of resistance, depicted in a movie, show, or book)
– types of energy involved in the ride
– g-forces and safety of riders
– accessibility modifications (wheelchair, service animals, etc.)
The amusement park builds were incredible! Some of the themes included Moana, Harry Potter, Kung Fu Panda, Barbie, and Minions. The creativity was inspiring and I appreciated the builders’ focus on making their attractions accessible for all.
This Harry Potter-themed ride had the LEGO people riding on broomsticks!
The LEGO people sat on guitars for this Coco-themed ride.
This Minions-themed ride was designed for people with neurodiversity by having just one main color and no flashing lights or loud sounds.
An Angry Birds-themed zip line was the focus of this ride!
There was even a Moana-themed lazy river!
After the kindergarteners viewed each of the rides, they voted on their favorite four. Moana won first place!
Each kindergartener received a special commemorative coin that Mr. Moore created on the laser cutter to remember the day.