Adios Dionsaurs

We showed off our dinosaur knowledge this morning. Parents viewed dioramas, sculptures, student-made videos and custom dinosaur pillows! Take a look…

This process started back in February when students chose a dinosaur to research using a wonderful emergent researchers database called Pebblego! I created a packet with sentence frames for the students to use to guide their research.  Read more about this process here:

Dinosaur Mania!


In conjunction with art, students painted their chosen animal using the PopArt style of painting.  Remember these fantastic pieces?!


Next, students sculpted their dinosaur out of red clay.  They painted the habitat in which their dinosaur inhabited and added some 3D flair.


Students then took pictures of these items and organized them into an app called Shadow Puppet. They recorded themselves reading their research reports and created these final projects.

The dinosaur pillow project started back in March, when students illustrated a dinosaur using fabric markers, sewed, and stuffed their pillows.

Teaching to different learning styles using different modailities really offers students a deeper learning experience. They are now your resident dinosaur experts!


And now we dive into oceans!