Costume Time!

We started this beautiful, sunny Monday morning with costume making for our Rainbow Fish play. Students folded or twisted their white top in a design of their choice and then wrapped it with rubber bands…..another great fine motor building activity!


Next, students gently placed their shirt in the bucket with their special color.

We left the shirts in the dye for about two hours so that the colors would be BRIGHT!

Then the shirts soaked in cold water to set the color.

The final step was to squeeze out the remaining water and hang the shirts out to dry.

Aren’t they perfect?

Rainbow Fish Preparations


The preparations for our spring musical play are in full swing! The costume pieces have arrived.


Students will use these blank canvases to create sea stars, lobsters, purple fish, yellow fish and more! Tomorrow students will begin the process by dying their clothing items. Accents will be added once the clothes have dried. Students will have full creative control over their own costumes… far they have requested that I provide felt, glitter, rhinestones (Does anyone have a Bedazzler? 🙂 ) and more! I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

We ran through the play several times this week. It is obvious that students practiced their parts during Spring Break.  Thank you! The Rainbow Fish extravaganza is coming together nicely because of this!

This musical play does a great job incorporating our Swooper Citizen character traits. I asked students to name the traits that are included in the play, and they listed friendliness, courage, kindness, sharing, gratefulness, and generosity. Perfect! I can’t wait for you to see it!