A Kindness Service-Learning Project

As we are wrapping up our month of practicing the character trait of Kindness, Mrs. Vanetti and I decided that we needed to create a special service-learning project where the students could demonstrate how simple acts of kindness can bring happiness. We found Project Linus- a national organization that looks to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.” Blanketeers!? We are now blanketeers!!

Mrs. Vanetti and I visited the Project Linus website (www.projectlinus.org) and selected the blanket pattern to best suit our needs…the No Sew Fleece Blanket!

Our Room Parents prepared the fleece ahead of time, making us ready to knot the fringe today.

The fabric is all ready to go!


The students worked together to make the knots.

Together our blanketeers made eight fleece blankets to donate to Project Linus!

Project Linus Is Complete!


This morning, the Santa Barbara Chapter Coordinator of Project Linus, Iris, stopped by the kindergarten classroom to receive the blankets we made earlier in the week. She shared some background information about the organization and expressed her gratitude to the students for their hard work in creating the blankets. Ms. Iris also left this information sheet with me which provides more details about the mission of Project Linus, as well as an example of the tag she will sew into each blanket.



Ms. Iris’ visit was a nice way for the students to see the impact of their hard work. Well done, kindergartners.

Showing Kindness


Today the kindergarten and first grade students participated in their first service learning project of the year, making blankets for the nonprofit organization, Project Linus.


Project Linus provides homemade blankets to children in need. As we were introducing this project to the students, we touched on the idea that a blanket or special snuggle often provides a feeling of calmness or security to a child. Students shared stories about their special toys or blankets with the class.

Then we had the students move to the corners of the room so that we could lay out the fabric. Each blanket was assigned four students…one student to work on each side.


Using their fingers to pull the one inch fabric strips through a pre-cut hole, this activity was also beneficial in strengthening fine motor skills and encouraging teamwork.



The room was silent at the groups worked together. I was impressed with how focused the students were….we could have easily made twice as many blankets if we had more prepared!

The Project Linus Santa Barbara Chapter Coordinator will be stopping by the classroom at the end of the week to receive our donations.

If you are interested in making a no sew fleece blanket for Project Linus, here are the instructions:


If you are interested in preparing blankets for the class to make, please let me know. (I have extra fleece that can be cut….it does take about 30 minutes or more to make all the cuts.) This would be a great ongoing activity for Choice Time.