Five Senses

We began our unit on the Five Senses with a class favorite activity….using our five senses to describe popcorn. Right after our Literacy Workstations I snuck into the kitchen to pop a bag of popcorn. Once back in the classroom, I hid the bag by my desk. I rang the bell signaling to the students that we were changing activities and immediately I was pleased to hear, “Mrs. Delwiche, why does it smell like popcorn?” I proceeded to place one piece of popcorn on each students’ desk for them to use to observe: what did students see, hear, smell, feel, and taste? (I told students upfront that this one single piece of popcorn was for observation only and that I would be giving them a cup full of popcorn to enjoy during snack time!)

Some of the responses the students made included:

Hear: pop, crunch

See: white, yellow, balls, bumps

Feels: bumpy, smooth, soft

Smells: like butter

Tastes: buttery, salty


We had so much fun with this activity! It really is the perfect way to introduce children to the five senses!