Mother’s Day

The kindergarteners have been busy preparing for our lovely Mother’s Day Tea. Each student painted a vase for their mom.

They also wrote a very special book that shares the qualities and experiences they appreciate most about their mom.

These responses just make me smile.

I love this one!

The students also made fancy hats to wear at the event. The started by spraying Texas snowflakes with liquid watercolor.

Then we fit the paper to their heads and added some floral flair!

We went on a field trip where we picked flowers to add to the handmade vases.

Students even helped make some of the tea sandwiches!

Finally, after all their hard work, it was time to celebrate Mom!

Beautiful gerbera daisy cookies made by local baker Stephanie Santana.

It was a lovely tea. I enjoyed watching the children swell with pride as they showed their moms all the items they created. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Tea for Twenty!

One tradition I started at Laguna Blanca School when I arrived eight years ago was a Mother’s Day Tea party. Each year it is a beautiful and special event that honors our special moms. This year was no different. We began preparing for the tea party more than a month ago.

Students painted vases.

They created a watercolor botanical place mat.

Each student made a fancy hat, complete with a tissue paper flower.

So colorful!

Students even picked a bouquet of flowers for their moms.

So when the time for tea finally arrived, we were beyond ready!

I asked each student to escort their mom to the Pavilion.

The tables were set and ready for visitors!

Besides tea, we enjoyed strawberries, tea sandwiches, and, of course, cookies!

Students shared a special book they made for their moms, and they played a fun question and answer game.

It was a beautiful afternoon! Happy Mother’s Day to all!


Tea Party


We had a beautiful, overcast day for the annual Kindergarten Mother’s Day Tea Party. The colors of the party certainly brightened up the day!

The preparations for this years’ event included making special, fancy hats. Students also painted flowers on vases.



Of course, they needed flowers to fill those vases. Flowers were what our field trip last Monday was all about.



I’ll share more about that soon!

This year, students honored their mothers by writing a short bit about why they love their moms. They read these piecesĀ  aloud while the moms enjoyed some hot tea in their custom made tea cups.

IMG_3401 IMG_5557

Students then joined their moms and read the rest of their books aloud and enjoyed some time together.






We enjoyed delicious sandwiches from PeeBee and Jays in Carpinteria, fresh local strawberries, and custom, adorably decorated gerbera daisy cookies.


What a special day spent celebrating our amazing moms!

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