November Morning Exploring

The new Morning Exploring tubs are a hit, with nine fall themed fine motor, math and reading activities for the children to explore.

Using playdough and a ten frame, students complete equations.

Students extend complex patterns using acrylic leaves.

Students build high-frequency words using links and letter cards.

Students match numbers, items, and tally marks, and link them together.

Students count items and record the number. This activity works with the teen numbers.

Greater than or less than….students choose a pumpkin that has a two digit number on it. They spin the spinner to choose greater than or less than….and then they compare numbers. The winner gets both pumpkins.

Pom pom counting: Students roll a die and use chopsticks to move the number of pom poms to their turkey bucket. The winner is the person who has more in their bucket.

Students choose a card with a number on it and fill in a tens frame using acrylic leaves. Next, they write the number that comes before and after.

Using tongs, students pull out leaves and read the high-frequency words that are on each leaf. They then match the leaf to their game board.

October Morning Exploring Tubs

With a new month comes new Morning Exploring Tubs! You might remember that these are a new addition to the kindergarten classroom this year. Each tub has a fine motor focus as well as a math activity. The best part is many of the activities can be differentiated to meet students’ levels. Nine new activities were introduced today.

Dig through the spiders and match the number to the tens frame.

Link the candy corn numbers in order from least to greatest.

Roll the die (or dice for a challenge) and add that number of flies to the spider web using tweezers.

Trace the outline of the pumpkin using small stickers and count up how many it takes to go all the way around.

Dig the eyeballs out of the putty and sort them by color.

Choose a container of pumpkins and count how many there are inside. Record that number.

Choose a number card and build that number using a tens frame, pumpkin counters, and tweezers.

Use a push pin to poke holes along the black lined design. Create a design that lights up when placed in a window.

Teen number punch: Use a hole punch to punch the number of holes listed on each page.

The The students absolutely LOVED these new activities!

Morning Exploring

I was so excited to introduce my new Morning Exploring bins this morning. These bins focus on strengthening fine motor skills while building academic skills. There’s cutting with fancy scissors, making pokey pin pictures, linking letters together, sticker names, hole punching names, pop bead patterns, and more!

Students roll a die and add that number of frogs to the lily pads using tweezers.


Students use teeny stickers to outline the letters in their names.


Students assemble nuts and bolts!


ABC order with links! Students put the letters in ABC order, linking them with plastic links.


Students use fancy hole punches to demonstrate the number on the page in their number books.


Students use push pins to poke holes following an outline of a shape. Today they made a ssssssnake.

Students make patterns using pop beads.


Fancy scissor cutting….students cut paper using a variety of craft scissors.


The kindergarteners will rotate through these nine centers, completing all the activities. New activities will be added monthly! Who knew strengthening fine motor skills could be so fun?!