Fairy Tale STEM Challenge

We had our Fairy Tale STEM Challenge Day today! Rumplestiltskin has put Cinderella under a spell because he wants to ruin her wedding to Prince Charming! To break the spell, students needed to travel around Once Upon a Time Land collecting letter clues by completing fairy tale challenges! Each of the challenges had a coordinating design page, where students drew plans, recorded information, and wrote about the activity. (Thank you, Deanna Jump!)

*Goldilocks broke Baby Bear’s chair again! Students had to build a chair using snap cubes that would be sturdy enough to hold Baby Bear (and Goldilocks!).


*Belle will reveal the next clue after students made a stained glass window that includes a rose.

*Rapunzel has let down her hair! Students measured her hair using unifix cubes and then constructed a tower that is the perfect height for Rapunzel to escape using that length of hair.

*The Gingerbread Man needs to be caught before he would give students the clue. They used recycled materials to construct a trap.

*Students built a domino path to help Little Red get to her Grandmother’s house.

*To confuse the Evil Queen, students built an apple tree that holds the most apples so that Snow White is kept safe.

*Lastly, the Giant stole the clue from Jack! Students put the 100’s chart back together to receive the final letter clue.

Once the students earned their letters, they worked together to unscramble them and solve the puzzle! They received the letters n, i, d, e, s, f, and r. One student noticed the rainbow pattern that I had used throughout the morning and shouted, “Put the letters in rainbow order!” She was on to something…. students quickly arranged their letters and spelled the word “FRIENDS!”

We all agree that friends are such an important part of our lives!