We are in the middle of our unit of study about bats. So far, students have learned the life cycle and the body parts of a bat. They know what bats eat and where they live. Students also learned some interesting facts about bats.

I introduced the vocabulary words echolocation and nocturnal. Here are two fun music videos that we just can’t stop singing! (I promised the students that I would share these with you.)


In art class, students painted mega bats.

I love the uniqueness of each bat…and they are double sided!

We made shape bat sunset scenes last week during Friday Fun.

Also, students had a special visitor to science class…look at these specimens!

We will wrap up our bat unit soon, and then jet off to a special unit on holidays and traditions around the world.

STEM Projects


The STEM Family Project for October/November was to create a spider or bat from recycled materials. Students recently brought in their creations and recording sheets. I was impressed with how they used their imaginations and created unique inventions. I really wanted the kindergartners to share their projects with our third grade buddies.  This was the perfect activity to showcase their creations, practice public speaking, and give appreciations.

The third graders were impressed with the assortment of materials that were used and found the kindergartners ideas innovative and fun.




Here are two of the presentations:

It was a nice way to wrap up the week. Next week we delve into our study of bats!