Elf Workshop

We had our Winter Concert last night. It was a beautiful event that was held outdoors in the crisp winter air. I knew the students would be tired this morning, so I planned a fun and engaging day: Elf Workshop! When the students arrived, they each had an elf hat on their desk. I had them come into my warm and cozy living room for a photo!

I had five rotations all set for my little elves to complete. Here is the overview:

At the Gift Wrapping station, students wrapped their holiday gift. I showed them how to fold the paper. It was a fun fine motor activity that included cutting and using the tape.

Another activity was “I Spy an Elf.” Student used magnifying glasses to find CVC words on their page. Then, then recorded the words they found.

Next, students put together puzzles of many different types of toys. They illustrated their puzzle and recorded the type of toy.

For the fourth activity, students had to use unifix cubes to measure the width of gifts.

The final activity was called “Deck the Halls”. Students read the words on the stockings that were hanging by the fireplace. They then found the coordinating picture on a recoding sheet and wrote the word.

You can see the stockings for “Deck the Halls” and the boxes that were measured in the background.

We wrapped up this fun day with a gingerbread cookie five senses activity. The students loved tasting the gingerbread cookies! Next week, we will complete our Gingerbread Literacy Unit with a gingerbread themed party!



Happy 50th Day!

We had a rockin’ good time on our 50th day of school! I did a classroom transformation and turned our learning space into a 1950’s diner. Click below to see it!

Room Tour

We started the day snapping photos in our photo booth. I loved seeing all the festive outfits.

I shared a quick Power Point Presentation with the students that showed pictured of clothes in the 1950’s vs. today, furniture, cars, houses and more! They could not believe the size of a 1950’s computer!!

Next, I introduced the students to the activity rotations for the morning. Using Smart Notebook software, I created a new rotation visual so the students knew exactly where to go and what to do.

I tried to use the same set up as I usually do during our Literacy Centers so that the students could confidently participate in the activities. We have the Word Work station daily, so the activity for the 50th Day was similar to one with which they are familiar. (Students chose a picture card with a CVC word and then listened to the middle sound. They chose the pink bubble with the correct letter to complete the word.)

Students also completed a Write the Room activity where they found cards with pictures and words relating to the 1950’s. They recorded the word on their recording sheets.

Another activity was for students to use 50 LEGO bricks to create anything they wanted. Here are some of their ideas:


When the students met with me, they completed a writing activity. I love how these turned out.

Finally, students joined Mrs. Riley outdoors to learn and practice how to blow a bubble. They then recorded whether or not they could blow a bubble. We created a class graph with the information. Here are the results:

It sure was hard work blowing a bubble!!

We finished our celebration with a yummy root beer float. Delicious!

I am excited for the next 50 days!